Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Review Solar Charger - Creative Edge(TM) Solar-5 Solar Panel 5000mAh, great solar charger

A yesterday. I'm looking for information on the Solar Charger - Creative Edge(TM) Solar-5 Solar Panel 5000mAh Water/ Shock/, so i would like to describe here.

Solar Charger - Creative Edge(TM) Solar-5

The Original Creative Edge Solar-5 Solar Panel 5000mAh Charger Charge Anywhere - Plug it into the wall to charge and take with you - or - If you're in an emergency situation utilize the solar panel feature to charge the internal battery of the SOLAR-5. Captures light from the sun efficiently to provide endless power to your devices Highest Quality Materials - The best environmentally .... Read more or Check Price

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It worked fine easy to use loads quickly your phone and the device held its charge. by rebecca davis

I love this position 2 or 1 Tablet and phone fully charged from the Sun in 7 hours. by paul

do not charge by solar very quickly but brings enough charge for two or three days of camping. by nicole stanton


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